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Sometimes your body needs a complete break from solid foods,Choose a suitable weekday or perhaps a weekend and drink a large glass of fresh juice every two hours.You'll clear poisons and wastes from your body and feel fabulously invigorated.   |    For old people, drink more water, it rehydrates your brain and will improve your memory over time.   |    Poor posture can create all sorts of neck and back problems,so follow the good posture and make it a habit.   |    The natural acid from the fruit cuts through fats and aids digestion.   |    Choose the foods with the lowest fat content.   |    Music can bring calm and peacefullness to anxious moments.   |    For really shiny hair, rinse your hair with a mixture of one teaspoon of soda to a cup of warm water.   |    Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C,and are a wonderful convenient source of energy.Try to include bananain daily fruit intake.   |    Carrot are filled with natural enzymes and beta carotene,which can help the body resist diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.   |    Apples are great for relieving constipation.   |   
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Voluntary Blood Donors
No Blood Group First Name City Pincode Contact No
347 O Positive koteswararao ongole 520032 9639555479
346 O Positive sendhilkumar chennai 600062 9445531107
345 B Positive Parthibadevendran Karur 639104 9025024325
344 B Positive Parthibadevendran Hyderabad 0 9948888827
343 B Positive Parthibadevendran Hyderabad 0 9948888827
342 O Negative Paul M J Cherthala 688524 9446490481
341 O Positive ABHILASH Thiruvananthapuram 2147483647 9061038655
340 AB Positive Vishal KANPUR 208005 8604445544
339 B Positive Karthik Salem 637301 9865240745
338 O Positive nallapeta hindupur 515201 8886478848
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