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For really shiny hair, rinse your hair with a mixture of one teaspoon of soda to a cup of warm water.   |    The mineral zinc is essential for the prevention of prostate problems.   |    If you suffer from indigestion,drink three or four cups of organic peppermint tea a day.   |    Green barley powder used to fight the growth of cancer cells, Add half teaspoon to half a glass of juice every day   |    One easy way for good health and well being is "Drink plenty of water and feed your body only fresh,healthy foods   |    If you suffer the discomfort of an acidic stomach,make sure you eat boiled potatoes and drink the water regularly   |    Ginger is a warming herb that stimulates the circulatory system and can prevent sudden illness.   |    Try eating raw foods one day a week,which help to clean the bowel and give you 'enzyme energy'.Enzyme are 'living'proteins that help to stimulate your digestive juices.   |    Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C,and are a wonderful convenient source of energy.Try to include bananain daily fruit intake.   |    Remember these sage words:'A loser sees a problems in every answer.A winner sees an answer in every problem.'Be a winner!   |   
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Voluntary Blood Donors
No Blood Group First Name City Pincode Contact No
337 AB Positive Somadutta Cuttack 753004 9861088248
336 B Positive Subrahmanya Bangalore 560011 9845401679
335 O Positive Mahesh Kumar Chennai 600024 9791166964
334 A Positive Kesavan Chennai 600116 9884814292
333 B Positive Pradeep vadodara 390010 9426347119
332 A Negative RATHOD AHMEDBAD 380015 9904781329
331 A Negative RATHOD AHMEDBAD 380015
330 O Positive janardhan hyderabad 0 8121898463
329 AB Negative Rajeev Jalandhar 144006 9815077002
328 AB Negative Rajeev 0
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