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Remember:junk food means junk health,junk weight,junk energy.Change your eating habits- today!   |    Ginger is good for a calming,warming effect on the body and its superb for the relief of travel and morning sickness.   |    Try eating raw foods one day a week,which help to clean the bowel and give you 'enzyme energy'.Enzyme are 'living'proteins that help to stimulate your digestive juices.   |    Banana is also good for cleansing your bowel.   |    Vitamin E is a wonder for replenishing dehydrateed skin and reducing excessive wrinkles.   |    Good health and well being are all about making small changes to your diet,attitude and daily routine and practising them untilthey become habits.   |    Garlic is a popular herbal remedy which is best known for its treatment of coughs and colds.   |    Apples are great for relieving constipation.   |    Carrot are filled with natural enzymes and beta carotene,which can help the body resist diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.   |    Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C,and are a wonderful convenient source of energy.Try to include bananain daily fruit intake.   |   
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Voluntary Blood Donors
No Blood Group First Name City Pincode Contact No
359 O Positive DASHARATHKUMAR Ahmedabad 0
358 O Negative shiv bhagwan delhi 110085 9013748282
357 A Negative SUMIT Kolkata 700097 9836244883
356 A Positive santosh sambalpur,orissa 768003 9437117778
355 O Positive Midhun chengannur 689505 9400138955
354 O Negative sai Hyderabad 500074 9640950777
353 O Positive mani visakhapatnam 530007 7386685587
352 O Positive Bibhudatta Cuttack 753001 9692982622
351 A Positive Deepak Bangalore 560020 9886495568
350 O Positive anil palakkad 678557 9567813042
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